The one about dressing in the dark

22 Mar

I remain convinced that the Ls don’t get sufficient sleep.  Let’s look at the evidence.  We want to see each other in the morning, so they’re up about 6, which is when I’m up, rain, shine or uncertain weather.  Then we want to see each other in the evening, so I haste back from London Central as early as I can so we can hang out and read.  Currently its the complete Thomas the Tank Engine box set, being read last to first; and the Famous Five, being read voraciously.

The end result of this was by Friday my babies looked like wilted flowers, purple bruises under their eyes and a delicate temperament.

So I devised my masterplan, which was to be as unobtrusive as possible throughout my readying, then to wake them up when I was sorted, granting them about 40 minutes more precious sleep.

However what I hadn’t reckoned on was the inherent dangers of dressing in the dark, which are legion.  I know now.  This information, arguably, would have been better served before.

We have had (in no particular order) red not black tights, tops under dresses that don’t fit under at all, vests in dayglo shades under white blouses, and with monotonous regularity a garment stained with toothpaste or some worse example of small children debris, hung thoughtlessly back in the built-in, and reworn rather than rejected due to an inability to actually identify said smear.

So to prevent colleagues sidling away too regularly we have reached a compromise.  I fetch the Ls from their beds to ours post-shower, so it isn’t as early as 6am and they’re snuggled with Daddy resting, but I get to have the light on as they’re deliberately awake.  If all goes to plan – and L2’s moods are a thing of glorious unpredictability – we gently chat til I’m dressed with more reliable decency than before, and then we head downstairs.  Sorted.  Sort-of, at least. 


One Response to “The one about dressing in the dark”

  1. Carolina March 22, 2012 at 6:04 pm #

    Same problem here 🙂

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