The one about silverfish

25 Mar

Yesterday evening I was seized with the inexplicable urge to move and clean underneath the breakfast room table.  Impulses of this type happen so rarely that I have no choice but to succumb to them when they do.

Little bit of background here.  The house is kept clean by someone superb who comes weekly and does an awesome job.  This is fortunate, as otherwise, mainly through the apathy in this area of the grown-up, non-canine, non-feline occupants of the household, we would have been reported to Environmental Health years ago.  But no weekly clean extends to the moving of heavy furniture, and nor would I ever expect that.  Such activity awaits the urge to move me, to move it.

So, I move the table (no, I know I shouldn’t, I am a bad bad back person, but there we go), and out from underneath scuttle not one, but two silverfish, lithe and shiny.  First, what on God’s green earth are they (insects aside)?  Second, how did they get under my table?  Third, what are they thinking of, being there? 


I guess my lack of under-heavy-furniture attention to detail has come back to bite me (hopefully not literally – does anyone know if they bite?).  But when I’m at home, priorities run as follows:

1) Hang with the kids, whatever that means at the time;
2) Stave off the chaos to a great enough extent to ensure the sun will rise the next day;
3) Get some sleep

If all the above are accomplished, there’s a fourth, ‘do something I want to do’, which every now and then gets an airing.

Getting rid of silverfish, either as prevention or as cure, you will notice doesn’t feature.  In Ross Martyn’s hierarchy of needs, it’s not a runner or rider.  I can live with the silverfish, and other such unwelcome signs of slovenliness, even though maybe that means some vital part or other of me through necessity has been short circuited, but I can’t live without hanging with the Ls.  That’s the base of my hierarchy of needs and I’ve read my Maslov, to do that is a biological imperative, and so I will.


One Response to “The one about silverfish”

  1. Sarah-Jane Smith March 25, 2012 at 9:20 pm #

    They used to scuttle across our bathroom floor at times before we had our bathroom re-done last summer. Just waiting for them to find a little pee-po hole to try our new bathroom floor – they do splat quite satisfyingly horrid little things! Loving the new blog……

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