The one about Beast Quest

26 Mar

L2 has moved on from the Thomas collection, at least temporarily, to the Beast Quest collective.  He made an early foray into them last year, when he seized one from the library shelves and appropriated it down his jumper.  He was wooed by the fabulous pic on the front cover: the producers of this series have got their target market cornered, featuring brightly coloured only a bit scary but very very cool images of gloriously imaginative monsters, different every time. 

We got as far as the second page of the introduction before he asked, in a tone of outrage, where the pictures were.  I explained they were aimed at slightly older girls and boys, so there were no pictures.  He received this news with relative equanamity and asked for a round of Tabby McTat instead. 

The picture proved too great a lure this World Book Day, and he grabbed an instalment – based again on storming imagery – to spend his book token on. 

We’ve started to read it, and I think he’s intending to stick it out this time.  It might be more from pride than anything else, however.  Last night as we started on the second chapter L1, who had joined us for a bit of a Where’s Wally? session before, pointed out: “Mummy, L2 does look a bit bored”.  

I think at age four reading Beast Quest is, perhaps, a case where the desire is stronger than the reality!


One Response to “The one about Beast Quest”

  1. Carolina March 26, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    God that is advanced….Victor is reading those.

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