The one about the school concert

29 Mar

Yesterday was a great day – the Year 3 and 4 spring concert. L1, taking after her father in matters of interest, is in the choir, plays the recorder and has opted to start playing the violin (grit teeth! Cats! Trapped in a steel-lined room! But actually not proving to be as aurally agonising as I had presumed it would be), so was involved in pieces here and there.

This concert was even more important to me as I missed the Christmas one due to my presence being required for the day at a major transport hub.  The only person truly sad about this, to be fair, was me: L1 was sanguine, and our two places were snapped up by M and Mama immediately, so she had her fans in the audience.

When L1 was born I swore I would never miss a single one of these events.  One memorable day saw me in the office at 7.30 for a strategy meeting then on the 9am back to Kent to see her perform as a horse (I made the costume that year, so ‘horse/reindeer thing’ would be more accurate).  Time flies and each year’s event only happens once.  Blink and you miss it in terms of event length, but no two nursery or school production participations are the same, and while everyday memories are critical so are these for benchmarking each year of their age.

Perhaps I am slightly more sanguine myself about it now, and I’ve got missing one performance in eight years into perspective, and it no longer feels quite the case of letting my practically important priorities consume my emotionally important ones, but these events will always remain as sacred as they can be.

And yes, I was unspeakably proud yesterday.  As usual, I ‘got something in my eye’ – happens every performance!!

L1 sang and played her little heart out and the way her confidence has grown through the way the school behaves is startling.  Parenting is full of precious everyday moments that must be cherished, but it also offers jewels such as these.


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