The one about recuperating

21 Apr

This is a historic blog, the first written on BlackBerry Playbook, and the first, more importantly, written post surgery.

It all went very well: early indications are all success and I should be back running marathons, in no time.  Which, as I believe someone else’s joke goes, would be a miracle, as I wasn’t running them before.

Now the hard bit, the bit I hate, not being able to do anything and feeling useless, because recuperation doesn’t feature in my list of valid pastimes.  Not that I have much choice on this sort of thing.  I actually can scarcely move, staggering around listing right – or so it feels, I really am not – before retiring to couch or bed for breath-catching.  This is going to be long haul, which I knew , but now I am at the start of long-haul it isn’t a particularly edifying place to be.


One Response to “The one about recuperating”

  1. Claire John April 21, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    Get well soon Liz ! XX

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