The one about fragments

24 Apr

Everything is bitty at the moment, only partially there.

And I am not referring to my home computing set-up, or lack of it.

Time is playing out strangely: I have nothing to do except get better and stronger, but that seems to make time rush on.  I am reading a lot, but I can’t concentrate for long and so stories are broken strands, making it difficult to explain events.  Last week is dreamlike, a game of two halves, the first the usual exercise in multi-task, the second enforced and inevitable inertia.  It is hard to believe how one can stop and the other can start without some polite introduction to one another.  And the time in Kings feels like it happened to someone else.

These pieces I write are fragmented, too: I don’t have the energy for more.

To be understated about it, it is bizarre, the whole experience.


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