The one about heading back

17 May

I’m sorry, my beloved blog, you have been neglected.  I hold my hands up to that, but I do claim extenuating circumstances.  Slowly but surely, I’m easing myself back into being LandLsworkingmum from LandLspostsurgerymum.

Fortunately, permission to return has nicely coincided with the urge to do so.  I have some tried and tested signs that indicate clearly when I’m done with getting better on its own, and would like to run getting better alongside getting back to the office.

Reasons I know it’s time to go back to work:

1) I get really excited about the Ls’ homework content, and am disappointed if it isn’t homework night, as it’s something a bit challenging (for me) to do

2) I start investigating the images on to see if there are any discrepancies between the product description and the product labelling (see their ‘everyday value refuse sacks’ for one I uncovered – just call me Sherlock.  And on that subject…)

3) I have read 36% of the Complete Sherlock Holmes on the Kindle, and am treating myself to a round of remedial Pilates every time he says ‘elementary’

4) I wonder whether it’s the first or the second afternoon Jeremy Kyle that is a repeat of the morning’s, as it is around the timing of these that I must shape my day

5) The specialist says it’s fine for me to do it, slowly

Normal service will, I sincerely hope, resume in a week or so.  It better had: for now I can blame any slips and slides on the anaesthetic, but this excuse probably has a limited shelf-life.

And on the subject of shelf-life, what troubling discrepancies will I find on tonight?  Watch this space…


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