The one about day of the week pants

20 May

Last week I did something I swore I never would: I bought L2 ‘days of the week’ grundies.  There were two reasons for this departure from a personal commitment.  Firstly, M&S in Orpington had a relatively limited selection.  Secondly, I have been infected by his incessant singing of his own adaptation of the ‘days of the week’ song.  After three: “Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday Saturday, then it’s Sunday, that’s my funday, there are seven days in the week”.

The observant amongst you will spot the inclusion of the random Bangles lyric in there.  It’s possible this was inserted by me and propagated by M, when I found it necessary to fill in the line that he could never remember.  And though I say so myself, I think it works.

Anyway, now we have the pants a whole new laundry regime comes into play.  It is, frankly, all about the pants.  Obviously it is absolutely out of the question for L2 to wear a pair of pants out of sych, or on the wrong day.  This goes against everything I’m about.  So there are days of the week pants drying on radiators, lined up in correct order; and days of the week pants strictly flagged up within the laundry basket; and an awful lot of half loads going into the machine.  Next time I think I might just go for Spider-Man…


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