The one about what life’s too short for

21 May

I am completely inspired by the question posted today on Mumsnet “what is life too short for?” – and the rainbow mixture of answers, both thought provoking and hilarious.  Brilliant thread, brilliant read.


So, what do I reckon.

Life’s too short for:

1) Ironing, particularly anything that can’t be seen in public.  I very much include towels, underwear and duvets in this category;
2) Not treating yourself and those you care about, occasionally, because you’re worried about money – it doesn’t have to be about that.  Treats are more about attention and thought, and all the more fun for it;
3) Not having a few ready meals in the freezer for those ‘I just don’t have the energy or the inclination’ moments.  A bit too much salt very infrequently won’t do that much harm, I’m sure;
4) Not taking every kiss, hug, snuggle or chance to play that’s offered from the Ls – if they’re up for it, so am I.  I know it won’t be long before I’m nothing more than an atrocious embarrassment to them both…
5) Being sensible all the time.  Acting daft and having fun is just the greatest, especially when everyone’s laughing at the same time;
6) Worrying about accumulated dust or even accumulated dog hair – it won’t actually kill anyone;
7) Changing sheets as often as you should – who laid down the law about that, and what qualifications did they have to do so, that’s what I want to know;
8) Not doing something you’ve long wanted to do but haven’t got round to because it’s a break from the usual.  I want to get really healthy now I’m fixed – in truth, I’ve wanted to do it for ages but it’s felt like too much; now I’ve got another chance to make it happen and I plan to do so;
9) Feeling guilty about the small stuff.  It can’t change anything, it doesn’t help, and it’s better to ‘frame it, move on’, and be happy about what did happen;
10) Dwelling in the past.  Sure, investigating it can at times be very helpful; but it is unchangeable, and its use comes from lessons learned and implemented now, in the present


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