The one about unhelpful behaviour

31 May

I’m finishing my three-week ‘easing back gently’ routine and returning to work ‘properly’ from next week.  Not that next week, in all its brevity, can be referred to as a ‘proper’ working pattern, but you get my drift.  I have been doing some days in the office and some working from home, climaxing in yesterday’s first full day – hardcore, tiring, but another milestone reached so reached with a smile.

The Ls have enjoyed having me at home since I ceased wafting round the house announcing ‘I just need a little lie-down’ at regular intervals.  Before that they thought they’d swapped the semi-functional parent of five years standing for an almost entirely unfunctional one, and it is very difficult to explain, particularly to a four year old, why it’s worth hanging in there – even for the six months it’ll be till things truly stabilise.  They don’t really get the concept of ‘speculate to accumulate’, which is how I have chosen to view this period of life, although L1 is a fan of my exciting spinal scar.

Now I’m going back, L2 in particular is finding ways to express his dissatisfaction with the return to the usual.  I shan’t say the norm, as such a concept is alien in our household, but we have a standard operating system, of course.

He knows I can’t use any kind of leverage to shift him around and about; I certainly can’t tuck him under my arm to take him from desired ‘A’ to undesired ‘B’.  So his latest method of protest against an unwanted outcome is to lie straight as a die in the centre of our kingsize bed, where I simply can’t access him, and refuse.  There’s nothing I can do, and he knows it.  Managing recalcitrant determined and immobile children is one of the counter-indications of my op not walked through in the otherwise very thorough lumbar spinal surgery booklet.  On my next visit, I think I’ll suggest its inclusion, but for now, it’s a recourse to bribery.


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