The one about wet Jubilee weekend clothing

2 Jun

It’s Jubilee weekend, so after two weeks of glorious sunshine (timed to coincide exactly with my return to work following weeks of at-home convalescence which were accompanied by unremitting rainfall) the rain is back. Of course, this is as it should be. How could we have a national celebration without the chance to indulge in one of our other favourite national pastimes, being consistently disappointed by the weather.

Me and the Ls, our summery spirits are not to be dampened, however.  This weekend’s menu is asparagus pies, fake bbq (burgers, chicken, snorkers, cooked under the grill; I’m not planning to repeat 2010’s indoor bbq, an undertaking so spectacular and ingrained in our family myth that only its own blog entry can do it justice), and summer clothes, adapted for dampness.

We have no problem in rocking our personal versions of Festival Chic for this full-on full-time festival.  Unlike those carefully planned combos of summer and wet weather protection modelled by rock aristocracy and the glitterati, which look artlessly thrown together but at the same time form modern fashion art, ours are of course just artlessly thrown together, and look exactly like they really are: an attempt to maintain some level of summer glamour while shielding all possible body parts from rain-soaked assault.

If you spot a clump of people huddled together to share body heat dressed in light garden party / summer country wedding-style clothing, accessorised by pac-a-macs and waterproof walking boots, using cocktail umbrellas from Pimms as an impromptu form of shelter, you’re probably at the same event we are, do pop over and say hello.


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