The one about being out on the lash

14 Jun

I have just read a piece in the Evening Standard by Liz Hoggard (you can read it here: about only drinking three units of alcohol a week, the new ‘healthy guideline’, I am led to believe.  It was a very entertaining piece but one which raised a wry smile and made me do that shake of the head that makes people think I’m a bit strange.

Like Liz, I do love a drink, oh I do, particularly Fridays evenings when that first cold sip of Sauvignon is the closest to a transcendental experience I’m likely to have in the near future.  Like Liz, I have cut down dramatically on the ‘sauce’ these past weeks.  And like Liz, having faced my first ‘challenges’, I rather think I shan’t be resuming normal service in this particular area.

So I stopped drinking when they fixed my spine (the weekend before, I have to confess, I spent in an alcohol-fuelled frenzy of fear and denial, not mature, not cool).  Initially this was because I was worried that if I fell over (yes, I appreciate that just having the one is unlikely to have that effect, but when I did just have the one post-surgery, I felt a bit like I was about to fall over, which was strange since I was pretty much 100% on my back at that point), but once that was over and I still hadn’t really indulged, I started to think, well maybe I’ll consider keeping it all in moderation for a bit.

The plus points are undeniable.  The calories I used to expend on wine I can now expend on dolly mixtures, Percy Pigs, Haribo, nicking the kids’ left-over Easter eggs… you get the picture.  The next morning is, well, just better, which when I want to dedicate much time to the Ls is a pretty valuable factor.  You’d think I’d’ve learnt that before, but there we go.  And oddly now unless I’m out planning for a couple of halves I don’t particularly want a drink.  There is a downside, however, which is that when I do have a couple of glasses, I do so feel it the next day.  The question therefore is, since I’ve obviously lost my tolerance, should I leave it AWL (absent with leave, you see), or should I build it back up to its sometimes splendid levels?  (And sometimes, not splendid levels at all.  Deary me).  I did the latter after two pregnancies and associated feeding put the kibosh on my consumption; perhaps it’s time to give the former a shot (inappropriate term, given the subject matter).

Yes, I am probably post-op still, I haven’t really been out partying (I haven’t been out partying at all, never mind the caveat ‘really’ there), and I am shattered, so I’ll revisit this topic in October, when my ‘be very careful’ edict is lifted.  But for now, I think I might end up happily being the designated driver (just don’t tell M, in case I change my mind).


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