Eating habits die hard

3 Oct
L1 takes the food she particularly likes – cakes, items coated in chocolate, layered sweet things, pizza – and methodically dissects them, removing various parts, reordering, then eating in stages.

Of a Sunday, round the table, I find our family nattering is regularly interrupted by some variety of foodstuff explosion, pizza topping flying skywards, cake filling lurching to the floor, which in turn leads to agitation on my part, and the regular exhortation to ‘eat properly’.  In my professional life I have been to restaurants selling deconstructed food – pies in parts, perhaps, or segregated salads – but that doesn’t mean I wish to experience it at my own dining table.

However, last week a rude awakening.  I was quietly watching Cops With Cameras, Dogs Fighting with Crime, or some other such staple of my evening viewing (does it surprise you therefore that M insists on a regular supply of DVD drama series are delivered to the house), eating a Quorn pie.  I flaming love pies, particularly pie pastry, particularly the bottom pie pastry.  All of a sudden, my viewing pleasure was interrupted by M bouncing in ‘his’ chair (don’t get my started on furniture ownership) pointing at my plate shouting ‘look, look, it’s YOU!’.

There isn’t much excitement in our house of a weekday evening, so once I had recovered from the fact that apparently there was, I absorbed what he was telling me.  Lying on my plate was a perfectly de-prepared pie.  Pastry lid, filling, side and base all lay, side by side not as the whole, lined up in order of proposed eating.

I am not blinkered to the meaning of this.  In future I shall restrict my L1 lecturing to making sure her dissected food doesn’t end up on her face (I sincerely hope mine does not).  It is clear to me from M’s timely observation that spreading out single items of food to ensure the sum of the parts appears greater than the whole is clearly the best way to eat.  What have I been thinking?

PS – I also have to share this superb recipe blog:
Absolutely brilliant!


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