All’s cheerless, dark and deadly

8 Oct
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s homework time! Marvel at the screaming it generates! Thrill to the raising of adult blood pressure! Gasp at the door-slamming and stamping!

I really dread homework time. I would rather sit bound in chains on the peak of a rocky outcrop fending off circling ravens than police ‘Homework Hour’ in our household. It is, essentially, the perfect storm. A task that has to be completed by a certain time to a certain standard, necessitating a less free-flowing weekend day styleee than my children would prescribe for themselves. Oh, and let’s add the final coffin-nail factor into this maelstrom of discontent: it’s really important, so there’s no getting out of it.

Yesterday evening, I was one with Kent in King Lear, with his bleak summary of the situation as tragedy hails. ‘All’s cheerless, dark and deadly’. It really was. The dark part supplied by the encroaching evenings of Autumn; the attitude to homework providing the rest. L1 had a tantrum so spectacular – about triangles – triangles! – that it could only be ended by a brief lie-down and dinner. L2, himself the Master of Tantrums, rarely outdone, was on this occasion cowed, identifying words with a ‘s’ in them throughout Green Eggs & Ham with unusual willing as the thunder and lightning exploded overhead.

In addition, I had to have an emergency gen-up on triangles – scalene – who knew ? – to be fair I probably did once – thank God for t’internet.

At bedtime, calm, sheepish, a little request from my girl: ‘can we forget about this tomorrow?’. Of course we can, lovely girl – that is parenting, and unconditional love.

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