When two worlds collide

9 Oct
As I was picking a been-through-the-wash sticker off a pair of 100-denier (battered – have only just noticed in the light of day) tights, I began to ponder what family-related debris has leaked into my professional sphere, and vice versa.

The lists potentially demonstrate a fraying around the edges of any process of moving myself from one state into the other.

From family to work:
  • Small shoes (plural but not matched pairs);
  • ‘Dog poo bags’ – there are always a stash of them in my handbag, although here I assure you they are empty of actual poo;
  • Half a plastic something – usually Kinder Egg animal model – last week it was the bottom half of a penguin, still trying to locate the top;
  • Shopping lists – endless, often only half-fulfilled, after I’ve gone off to do something else so thought ‘I’ll get the rest from Marksies’;
  • ‘Burp stains’ – not so much now, but in the early years, usually thinly trailing down my back from my shoulder area;
  • Inappropriate footwear – I have done it all, odd shoes, odd socks, holed and laddered tights (almost counts as footwear, surely?)…
From work to family:
  • Corporate clothing and accessories – bathrobes (there are several families in the South of England almost entirely kitted out in corporate bathrobes), towels, t-shirts (going back to 2002) and wheeley bags (that was a good year);
  • Stickers – working for an innovative media company has meant that there are a lot of prototypes of ‘things’ in my house, the best (arguably) being some Yoshi stickers that upped my ‘cool’ quotient considerably (not hard);
  • Champagne – see innovative media company point above;
  • Chocolate buses – that was a great Christmas, it really was;
  • Pens – I love a corporate pen, I really do, because we select them for their endless ink wells so much as their brand-reflecting design

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