Going on holiday? It’s all about the non-essentials

20 Oct

I can tell we’re teetering on the verge of going on holiday.  Aside from the obvious fact that the calendar tells me this is the case, I have started to make unnecessary purchases under the heading of ‘without xxx we simply cannot travel’.

Today, for example, I succumbed and bought the Ls all-in-ones ‘for the plane’ (as if PJs wouldn’t do the job just as adequately).

My reasoning for this purchase was 1) plane blankets are so thin you can use them as blotting paper, so you need to bring something yourself that will actually aid in the conservation of body heat; 2) they (along with the upcoming tent porch – so very excited) will Change My Life when we’re back camping again, therefore achieving justification under the ‘multitasking’ heading; and 3) boy, do they both look cute in an all-in-one, even at five and eight (his and hers).

I suppose I can allow myself to focus on the peripherals of this whole experience now.  Four working days left til take-off; Heathrow parking, travel insurance and visa waivers purchased; I’m hoping I’m okay to look at the nice-to-haves!


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