L1 fish, L2 fish, and Ned’s little bed

21 Oct

Dr Seuss’s wonderful ‘One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish’ is probably the most popular book in our household right now.  We all quite simply can’t read it too many times and never get bored of its imagination and the skewed friendly inviting world it details.  L2 has learnt the first pages off by heart (and a good deal of the rest of it, to boot) and L1 then reads on until she decides it’s time for me to kick in.  We discuss all the characters – who is everyone’s favourite?

We particularly like the one that yells (“when he comes in, I put him out”); ringing the Gak; sleeping with the pet Zeep (“I would love to have one of those in bed”, says L2 longingly – more on the reasons for that in the next paragraph); the mouse chewing through the phone cable; the things that need their single hair cutting daily; the blue-haired brush n’ comb; the devilishly smiling horned monster in the jar found in the park in the dark (“Will our mother like this?  We don’t know” reads the script; “YOU WOULD!” yell the Ls with delight, and you know what, I would)…  I could go in, we pretty much like all of them, from start to finish including all the ‘funny things’ in between.
But the one who gives us the most pleasure by a mile right now is Ned.  Ned has a little bed, and appears not once but twice in the book.  Firstly we see Ned’s feet and then his head sticking through the holes in his little bed; secondly we see Ned in his little bed with ‘all these things have come to call’ – various animals sharing his deeply unsatisfactory little bed, making it all the worse.

We love Ned because L2 has grown out of his ‘little bed’, his ‘one after the cot’; and while no appendages currently stick out from it, he shares it with enough animals for discomfort (animals of the stuffed variety, I hasten to add) and it really is time for him to have his big bed.  L1 and I enjoy quoting Ned as L2 clambers into his toddler bed for the night; L1 comforts me in my parental bed-fail laxity with the comment “Don’t worry Mummy, L2 is only five and Ned is at least 80, so you will have got L2 a new bed long before he gets to Ned’s age”.  L1 is right, we are buying it for a fortnight’s time; but she also has my timescales down pat for things like this, unfortunately – somewhere in the next 75 years could easily be how I roll.



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