Erupting and uneaten ingredients

14 Nov

Two food-related discoveries and decisions over the last few days.

Firstly, ingredients as experiments.

L1, for Cubs, had to conduct an experiment and bring the results into the next meeting. Edible was my initial instinct, followed by ‘blowing something up’ (for the latter how, no idea). I remember making sherbet at home using bicarbonate of soda and icing sugar, and I remember it being pretty darned yummy, so that was the one we went for. A quick Google – what did the previous parent generation do without internet search engines, I wonder – revealed a flaw in my memory (not for the first time). I had forgotten about the necessary inclusion of citric acid, and a thorough investigation of Tesco online and Asda’s cooking ingredient shelves indicated that I wasn’t the only one to have forgotten about citric acid in general. So that had to be rejected out of hand, leaving the brilliant tip for a mummy genius (you know who you are, if you’re reading this) to make a volcano.

I was ‘rationalising’ L2’s room contents after the installation of his big bed at the time, so commissioned M to Google and create. Fortunately we had all ingredients – there was a temporary panic about salt, given M’s understandable concern that salad salt, while delicious, might not cut it – so the volcano was duly created and you know what, worked brilliantly, erupting as intended and with pretty spectacular style. Tick. And here’s how to make one. Fortunately I filmed it, since the substance dried out rapidly so in the 48 hours between experiment and Cubs had atrophied to a shadow of its former glory, so we cheated slightly – rather than showing the actual experiment, L1 showed a record thereof.

Secondly, harking back to my ongoing obsession, lunch box contents.  We hit a particular low last night. On inspection of L2’s lunchbox it became clear that he had subsisted on a quarter of a wrap with cheese and a yoghurt tube.  He left a Club, a satsuma, and some chopped veg.  My son, apparently, is too busy to be bothered to chew anything.  So today I have proffered a compromise, which I hope he takes.  A single quarter of plum, half a tomato and a wafer-thin slice (‘Mr Creosote would be fine to eat it if offered after a copious meal‘ wafer-thin, I mean) of cucumber is all the five-a-day (0.5 a day?) I expect him to consume this lunchtime. But will he rise to the challenge?  Watch this space.

I think I may have more chance of getting him to eat the left-over volcano…



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