More responsibility as Albert the Attendance Bear comes home

15 Feb

Greenland - where I will spend half termThe weekend L2 was due, L1’s nursery gave us a serious opportunity: the nursery hamster was ours for the weekend. Suddenly the prospect of incipient labour paled into insignificance. We, yes, we, had the nursery hamster in our house (with two cats) as our responsibility for an entire two days. I found myself praying that labour would not start and more concerned about who would look after the hamster than my older child if labour were to start in the middle of the night. In the end my mother agreed to take the hamster in addition to L1, so I didn’t have to put a cork in it.

I experienced a similar, though admittedly watered-down, sensation upon hearing that L1 has won Albert the Attendance Bear for 100% school attendance this half term. Watered down, since I am neither close to birth nor indeed pregnant; and because Albert is not actually alive (this is something overlooked by the pupils at the Ls’ school, for whom Albert is very quick indeed).

We have been waiting for the arrival of Albert into this household for the last four and a half years. Both Ls’ school attendance is excellent, for three reasons. Firstly, because they are, thank God, very healthy children; secondly, because my attitude is unless it’s falling off, it isn’t a medical problem; a fact probably driven by my third motivation, which is that with both of us working, illness is difficult to deal with.

However, as M said tonight, perhaps it’s time we were more careful what we wished for. Albert isn’t just a teddy bear, oh no sirree Bob. Albert is a brand, and along with Albert comes:

1) A suitcase full of clothes; 2) A chair; 3) A diary

I’ve had a look in the diary, and I realise that the half term activity ante must be seriously upped. Albert has all sorts of adventures, and I need to make sure that he goes back to school feeling like he’s had a crackingly good time. The pressure’s on, so if I post on here from Greenland in the next week, you’ll know why…


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