Bank Holidays – the free day happiness factor

5 Apr

Grindstone sans noseWednesday was my first day back to the office after the Easter and don’t-work-Tuesdays break. Returning to the nose-grindstone interface is never easy but I find that the hardest days back to work are the days just after a Bank Holiday or similar ‘free’ break. Bank Holidays always feel like a gift from some benign higher power, ripe with potential doubled by their not eating into my holiday allowance.

This means that anything I do with the kids on Bank Holidays ends up feeling twice as special. This weekend’s trip to Hever Castle is lit in my mind with that golden glow that characterises events of my late teens (apparently that’s a synapse connection formation thing) because it was a freebie.

Obviously in 2011 with a Royal Wedding, and 2012 a Golden Jubilee adding to the cornucopia of extra time out we received in the UK, I was flying. It may have negatively impacted on the country’s economic output – and it isn’t for me to comment, I have to confess I was too busy being cheery about the day-off status to look into this properly, or indeed at all – but I would bet two things that also matter did increase. Firstly, productivity on workers’ return. At the end of the day, those days were a gift. Companies that gave them definitely scored loyalty. And secondly, the country’s happiness quotient. And anything that ups that matters in these otherwise fairly gruesome times, surely.


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