Sprinter or wing? Reclassifying the seasons

6 Apr
The next weather front is frogs

The next weather front is frogs

I am planning to start a petition to ensure official reclassification of the current season, because beyond doubt it is the most ridiculous weather I have ever experienced. Best names I can come up with so far are ‘sprinter’ or ‘wing’ – I bypassed ‘rubbish’ even though that’s probably most appropriate.

Let’s face it, this weather is driving down even the most inanely, pointlessly optimistic (me) now. It’s unprecedented, and therefore surely deserves new entry status in the Oxford English Dictionary. I have finally caved in and re-washed my big winter coat, putting it on fast-dry when it ought to be out in the sun drip-drying and airing for summer storage. I am also starting to worry about August’s plan for camping, and considering if an in-tent portaloo may be required for those midnight knocks by nature.

The kids aren’t overly concerned, I have to admit. L1 mutters that she doesn’t like the snow anymore but I think that’s more to keep my whinging company than a deep-seated conviction on her part. She misses the trampoline but careful application of my tea towels to kind-of absorb the left-over hail means she can still get out there and bounce even during sprinter/wing with reasonable regularity. L1 is out diving for the ball come rain, hail, snow, plagues of frogs (bear with me on the latter, way things are going it’s surely next) but I am having to do more laundry than ever before with the attendant mud.

Other seasonal possible names very welcome – answers on a postcard (or via the medium of electronica) if you will…


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