The return to school: how was it for you?

7 Sep
Beautiful Lullingstone taken from the Kent County Council website

Beautiful Lullingstone taken from the Kent County Council website

Two days since the start of term, and the chance to draw breath and review what it was actually like to go from a summer full of fun and frolics to the simultaneous return of school and proper working hours, on the same day. The summer came skidding to a halt without grace or apparently warning, colliding straight into the return to normality as if it were a reinforced glass screen. The unavoidable divide, the unmissable change of pace and activity,

You’d think going through my sixth pre-school summer end, and my third with two heading off into full-time education, I would be used to it, I would have planned for it.

Well, no. I was in denial. The day before school went back I was at work, so the last holiday day for me and the Ls was the day prior to that one, where we spent hours with friends frolicking in a stream at Lullingstone Country Park, foraging through the woods for blackberries and ending up on the zip wire where even I had a go (it was excellent fun). The day was hot, relaxed and in keeping with the rest of the summer bulged out beyond the span of its natural hours. When the elastic band snapped back I realised with shock that we only had half an hour to get L1’s reading challenge completion certificate from the library; and buy lunchboxes, a new school bag and a new school jumper. Which required a return to Swanley and a diversion to a neighbouring village, a drive of in total twenty minutes’ duration. A feat of time-stretching once more, perhaps; miraculously we managed it, but that manic half hour epitomised my approach to return to school planning.

Actually, it’s all been okay. It really has. I’m sad to wave goodbye to the chill-out days and by the looks of things the actual summer as well: the weather’s turned simultaneous to term commencing. But as my father always philosophically, perhaps slightly depressingly, says, all good things must come to an end; and school term time and yes, work, bring plenty of good, challenging and exciting things with them, as well.


2 Responses to “The return to school: how was it for you?”

  1. John Ross Martyn September 8, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

    Good things that come to an end are often followed by even better things. For example, the pleasure of buying lunch for a daughter (or son) on one’s own credit card is followed by the even greater pleasure of having her (or him) buy lunch for me on her (or his) credit card.

    • lizrossmartyn September 8, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

      That was, and remains, a great moment – I loved doing that. And remember your sayings are part of my history – and that of the Ls – now!

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