The last six pounds, Special K, and a challenge

5 Nov

SONY DSCOn and off for, oh, the last six years, I have been trying to lose the last six pounds. To be honest, its longer than that, but it wouldn’t run together so nicely as ‘six’ and ‘six’, so forgive the understating for literary purposes. You get my drift.

Basically, I have had just under half a stone to lose for quite a while. That sums it up.

Start of this year I tried the 5:2 diet. Problem was, the decision to do that fell at a time when I simultaneously went on the ‘argh I am freaking out’ diet, which proved highly effective, but therefore made it impossible to evaluate the efficacy of the former. I was a bit gutted about that, to be honest – I was looking forward to relaying my experience via the medium of blog.

So, since I need to tackle this Before Christmas (yeah, I said the C-word, get over it, I’m having to mutter mutter bah humbug bleeurgh), I think the most effective way to do it would be to try a selection of headline diets, and write about ‘how was it for me’ on this blog. An unconventional motivator, perhaps, but a motivator nonetheless.

So, from today, for a fortnight, it’s the Special K diet. I am obsessed with Special K, it’s fair to say, anyway (mainly how it rhymed so well in that sentence). I love the sweet salty crunch. So all I need to do is weigh out a bowl twice a day, and have a normal meal for the third, plus fruit. Whether I’ll feel the same after two weeks – who knows. I’ll make sure any readers do, though. And then after that fortnight, if there’s still additional poundage to shed, I will find another diet that’s been reported about to try. Maybe even 5:2 again… Although my line is drawn at the cabbage soup diet. Watch this space.


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