Multi-tasking Christmas with normality, badly

10 Dec

Argh too much!There are not sufficient compartments in my brain to cope with the demands of the festive season. The delicate balance between finely tuned sequential activity without let-up, and chaos, is disturbed by extra curricular activities like present wrapping, getting the kids to write class-wide cards, and managing the Ls’ multiple social partying demands. This is the time of year when I feel the dividing line between calm and carnage trembles and thins.

My brain seems to manage this by filing – without my permission nor indeed my knowledge – crucial requirements in its ‘let’s not worry about this for now’ file. By hideous chance, tax returns and our car insurance are due just before Christmas, not to mention my wedding anniversary. I mean, what fool chooses marriage just prior to the Christmas season? Did I not think about what this would mean. Clearly not. I realise now that a nice Saturday in October, or maybe the end of January, would have made infinitely more sense. Eleven years on I’m annually taken by surprise by the arrival of 14th December, warmly embraced as it is by making sure we’ve got enough cards and coordinating with the carol service.

It’s probably no surprise, therefore, that this morning I found myself on the 0710 Swanley to Victoria service (late running) to retrieve my laptop cable, abandoned overnight in a client’s office, neither unloved nor unwanted. As a result when we returned home last night my laptop, with its 8 minutes’ battery life, fired up for long enough for me to fire off an email chasing up tardy online presents, and instantly sighed and died. I was back in the home office (dining room) by 9.45, but frankly I was overall disconcerted, thrown from my Tuesday pattern of day.

So if I don’t show up for an appointment, or if a present is wrapped with newsletters from the Ls school, forgive me. It’s not thoughtlessness, I promise, it’s havingtoomuchtothingaboutness.


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