Same again

4 Feb

My new obsessionA whole month of 2014 has passed and I still haven’t had a drink since Christmas. Dry January finished on Friday, and at midnight I was having a very interesting & involved discussion with members of Ladies Book Club, an open bottle of Cava on the sideboard. So I could, feasibly and honestly, have poured a glass. So why not?

I don’t know.

Partly, I actually didn’t fancy it (Koppaberg alcohol-free cider is proving a more than adequate substitute, with the ‘bite’ of real booze in place just minus the effects of the real thing); partly because it’s starting to feel more of a personal challenge-yourself task – not ‘how low can you go’ but ‘how long can you go’; and partly because not having anything is proving to be the easiest way to prevent that ‘have another glass should-i-shouldn’t-i’ debate that assails me whenever I’m having a cheeky beverage.

My caffeine consumption has shot up and my chocolate consumption even more so. This will probably have to be addressed in the near future, but for now I’m taking all the comfort substances I can get (the theory being, without the booze calories there’s room for a few more!).


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