Loopy for loom bands

11 Jul

Earlier this week we had a fork crisis (this is not a euphemism, and to make it very clear for reasons not at all related to this blog, nor is ‘garage conversion’, I literally mean I want my garage changing into a habitable room not anything adjusted ‘down below’).

The cutlery tray was a fork-free zone.
This was perturbing since we have a decent canteen, particularly if you’re not fussy about fork size: there are eight available.

The usual suspects – dishwasher, cutlery tray, still unwashed on the breakfast table – were searched and found wanting in their fork-ness; I wandered into the living room to ask if anyone had any ideas, only to find that all four of my ‘adult’ forks were employed as a versatile and inventive loom substitute following the accidental destruction of all plastic looms at the Hop Farm Festival last weekend.

Forks bound together by loom bands were creating multi-stranded bracelets with startling ease and speed. Good news, I thought, since the kids had run a Loom Factory at the festival the previous weekend making two pounds for eight bands (bulk order discount but slightly inflated individual price due to use of scented bands –
now you know).

I like loom bands – and not just because of their potential to help fund the garage conversion (the actual garage conversion you realise).
I like the fact that they have otherwise occupied my small son in lieu of electronic equipment (although like his mother, OCD tendencies lead to some loom band fraughtness when he wishes just to finish ‘this last one’). I like the fact that they are creative and fun and that the kids are handing them over to each other as gifts.

It’s seriously fascinating to see how crazes start though, and why. Why small plastic bands? They are everywhere!

A month, maybe six weeks ago, loom bands nowhere to be seen. But now, everywhere, even, brilliantly, in the village shop which has saved a lot of searching. Where did they come from? And why? Which kid was the innovator and which the early adopter? Why? How? And when? If brands could capture this wave-crest capability they’d hugely benefit from the flood as that wave crashed down. Incredible.



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